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        Haitian heavy industryGlobal Supplier Portal


        The sea embraces all rivers and the world is promising

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        Understanding the industry, analyzing the demand, basing on the market, making full use of the talents and technologies reserved by the enterprise, as well as the leading technologies, equipment and processes in the same industry, and using the information construction of the enterprise to meet the market, should be the first priority for the survival and development of the enterprise under the condition of market economy, and also a necessary prerequisite for promoting the adjustment, optimization and upgrading of the product structure of the enterprise.

        Haitian's service philosophy: customer first, attentive service; Provide satisfactory products, so that users do not have trouble.



        Tel: 0555-6971188

        Fax: 0555-6971198

        Email: info@mashthi.com

        Address: New Material Industrial Park, Bowang high tech Zone, Ma'anshan City, Anhui Province

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