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        Haitian heavy industryGlobal Supplier Portal


        The sea embraces all rivers and the world is promising

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        Talent concept: intelligence is more important than knowledge, quality is more important than intelligence, and quality is more important than quality.

        Business purpose: honesty and trustworthiness, quality-oriented, thinking of cutting-edge technology and creating an industry wind vane.

        Business policy: enterprise group, product branding, scientific management, technological modernization, industry specialization and international operation.

        Business philosophy: customer first, integrity first, perfection and unity.

        Management philosophy: system first, manager second, harmony and reasonable dedication.

        Marketing concept: the market is changing, adapt to the market, follow the market and develop the market.

        R &amp; D philosophy: to be the Lighthouse of the industry

        Quality concept: product zero defect

        Service concept: customer first, attentive service; Provide satisfactory products, so that users do not have trouble.

        Enterprise core value: human capital, science and technology capital.

        Enterprise core competitiveness: core technology with independent intellectual property rights



        Tel: 0555-6971188

        Fax: 0555-6971198

        Email: info@mashthi.com

        Address: New Material Industrial Park, Bowang high tech Zone, Ma'anshan City, Anhui Province

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